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Product Spotlight #1

Welcome to our first product spotlight, where we showcase some of our products around the house. If you can't get enough of your houseplants, your might need to round out your plant obsession with some of our awesome and fun products. 

Monstera Coaster

Monstera Coaster for glasses, mugs, cups, etc. Great gift for the plant lover in your life

Monstera Coaster

We absolutely adore this cute kitchen accessory. It bears close resemblance to the real-life beauty, and is a great addition to your home decor. If you love Monsteras and are looking to expand your houseplant obsession, we suggest you look no further and pick up a couple of these

Awesome Plant Stickers

Plant Sticker premium quality perfect for water bottles, laptops and more

Plant Sticker premium quality perfect for water bottles, laptops and more

These stickers are flat-out awesome. They look amazing and have a premium feel to them, and go great on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more. With 45 different stickers and designs to choose from, you'll be set for long time. If you know someone that would love these stickers, we think it would be the perfect gift. 

We're trying to figure out what else these would go great on. We haven't tried them on our fridge or cars yet, but we're making our way around. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below!


Leggy Planter

Leggy Planter, succulents, plants

We're absolutely in love with this little guy. The leggy planter is adorable, and great for your smaller houseplants. We've put quite a few around the house, and they look great on a table or shelf. 

We're still trying to figure out which plants go best with him, but we haven't found a bad match yet. He'll be one of our go-to planters for our favorite houseplants.

We love our products, and know you will as well. We'd love for you to submit any pictures or videos of our products to for a chance to be featured. Special prizes or coupons may be won for submissions and featured entries. 



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