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Product Spotlight #2

Welcome to our second product spotlight, where we showcase some of our products around the house. If you can't get enough of your houseplants, your might need to round out your plant obsession with some of our awesome and fun products. 

Monstera Socks

If there's anyone can't get enough Monstera in their life, it's us. We LOVE Monsteras and everything that has to do with them. What better way to rock our Monstera pride than with a pair of awesome themed socks. Perfect for that crazy sock day, or just to wear around the house, you'll love the way they look. 

We haven't yet taken them out in public, but we imagine they'll draw some looks and stares. In a good way, of course. 


Portable Humidifier

Portable humidifier, next to our plants

We love using this humidifier with our water-needy plants. Not great if you only own those plants that die at the sight of water, this handy device will keep your plants well pampered and cared for. If you have plants that need to be misted or watered often, this humidifier might be for you. 

We find it both practical and fun, and I find myself staring at it for periods of time, as it mists the air around it. Also, is anyone else in love with the watermelon peperomia? Sometimes I can't believe that it's real, and that those patterns even exist. Anyways, we simply love that you can use this humidifier with any ordinary water bottle, making it accessible to anyone at a great price. 


We love our products, and know you will as well. We'd love for you to submit any pictures or videos of our products to for a chance to be featured. Special prizes or coupons may be won for submissions and featured entries. 

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